Capt. C.F. Connor, Camp #849

Blue Ridge Brigade, NC Division
Hickory, North Carolina



Shortly after the War Between the States, the victorious North began affixing the blame the war on the South. To this day, the causes of the war are generally ascribed to the South's practice of slavery. Very few schools and colleges currently teach the history of the Civil War, much less the true reasons for how and why the war which took the lives of 620,000 Americans, Union and Confederate.

The time has come to educate an ignorant populace about what brought on the war. For decades, the South had been discriminated against by a powerful North. Just what led up to the war which would take more American lives, before or since, is a matter of record.  These videos are provided so that the reader will hopefully not remain ignorant of the truth.

About the Sons of Confederate Veterans 16:26
Causes of the Civil War-part 1 14:55
Causes of the Civil War-part 2 14:22
What the South was really fighting for in the Civil War 3:09
Myth: The Confederacy fought to perpetuate slavery 9:17
Myth: The only black soldiers in the Confederacy were slaves 9:58
Black Confederates: The Forgotten Men in Gray 8:12
Myth: The actions and feelings of the KKK represent the Confederacy 9:53
Myth: Union soldiery was superior to Confederate soldiery 9:59
Myth: The Union fought to abolish slavery 10:00
Myth: Secession is an act of treason against one's country 9:59
Black Woman Defends Confederate Flag, feels slavery was a choice 14:14
I WILL NOT Take My Confederate Flag DOWN!!! 3:15
Myth: Maryland is not a Southern state 7:22
Toomb’s Speech 1:24
The Truth of Slavery In America 1:09
The Morril Tariff  Act 1:02
Tariffs: The Road to Civil War Part 1 21:03
Tariffs: The Road to Civil War Part 2 18:37
Reconstruction-The Second Civil War-Part 1 1:27:00
Reconstruction-The Second Civil War-Part 2 1:27:19



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