Capt. C.F. Connor, Camp #849
Host Camp of the 2002 & 2003 NC State SCV Convention

Blue Ridge Brigade, NC Division
Hickory, North Carolina


Fellow Members:

Things went pretty well at our state reunion. We had 40 camps and close to a 100 members in attendance. The Finance committee replenished the flagging. Carolinas fund gave us the first withdrawal so some of our mega flag will be paid for. It's now just a matter of clearing the land and doing the labor to get the flag up. If you can help call Jerry Poovey at 828-639-3545.

We are also in the midst of flagging graves of Confederate soldiers. Legislative day will be May 10th. If you can go to Raleigh, give me a call or reply to this email (This is a joint SCV, MOSB, UDC, OCR and COC event). Our Memorial service will be at 5:30 on May 13th between the Monuments in Newton. Please attend.

We will be presenting the restored Catawba Rifles flag back to the Catawba County Historical Museum on May 27th at 10:30.

Remember their is no camp meeting in May so please come out to the above events. We need to show the community we are strong, especially since the press will be at these events.

Some things going you need to be aware of: The New Orleans monuments are a real issue and since Louisiana has no monument bill, preservation of them is at the will of the Legislature. A Virginia judge halted removal of monuments in Richmond because of their monument bill. The new NCSCV flag on I-95 has gone viral and the NAACP down there finally said there is nothing they can do about it but turn their heads as they drive by. Just like our mega-flag and our smaller flags on Springs Rd. and Hwy 150, they are on private property.

Mark Nixon, Commander
Cpt. C.F. Connor Camp #849
May 4, 2017

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