Capt. C.F. Connor, Camp #849
Host Camp of the 2002 & 2003 NC State SCV Convention

Blue Ridge Brigade, NC Division
Hickory, North Carolina




Fellow Members I hope everyone had a great Confederate flag day.  Since our camp is growing our command staff has asked that we add the following appointed positions to our camp. As a larger camp with more going on it takes people doing their part to make everything happen. This is your camp and we must do our best to honor our ancestors.  


2nd Lt. Commander- Oversees meeting and the camp in the absence of the Commander and Lt. Commander. Also oversees Programs for the meetings.


Historian and Communications officer- Keeps a running History of our camp and also sends out things from Brigade, Division and National in a timely manner.


Photographer- Keeps track of all news worthy camp events and send them to Division and National news letters and possibly local papers to make sure our camp has its name out there.


Quartermaster- oversees the Camp store items and suggests needed restocks for events


Sargent-at-arms- Helps maintain order at meetings and bounces people if needed


If you are interested in helping with any of the above offices please contact me


We will also be looking to fill some committee positions soon as we have a busy Spring and summer coming up.


As a note we still need the Email addresses of the new members if you are getting this message directly we have your info if not please see Danny Bolick or Jerry Poovey at our next meeting with your email address so we can have a complete roster and have all members set-up so the new CIC can send messages in a timely manner.



Mark Nixon, Commander

Cpt. C.F. Connor  Camp #849

5 March 2017

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