Capt. C.F. Connor, Camp #849
Host Camp of the 2002 & 2003 NC State SCV Convention

Blue Ridge Brigade, NC Division
Hickory, North Carolina


The Connor Camp will try to help a local family in need. This is the Christmas list for the family our Camp will help this year. If you get something write me an e-mail so we will not duplicate items.Thanks

Pre K BoyAge 4, Size 4T 9 shoes and 4 Socks

 Educational toy Kindergarten Boy

Age 6 Shirt Small Pants size 1 Petite Shoes, 6 Size 6T in Shirt and 5T Pants Shoes 10 Socks 6 Educational Toy

Mother size 2 Shirt, Medium Pants 9/10, Shoes 9/10

Elem School Boy Age 11 Medium Shirt, 16 Pants, Shoes 6 Socks 6 Sports Related Toy

Middle School Girl Age 15 Size- Medium Shirt 9/10, jr pants, Shoe 8 1/2, ladies Socks 8-9, Pair of Nike Sandals

Middle School Boy Age 14 Size Medium Shirt, 32x32 pants, 11 1/2 shoes, 11-12 socks, Anything sports related