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VA Marker Carrier

 This device makes placing a cemetery marker (VA size) in a hole much easier than the old "dig and sweat" method. There is little likelihood of damaging the stone. In some cases, markers need to be removed from the hole after placement, either to make the hole deeper or shallower. This makes that task a good deal easier. The design and invention of this device is credited to Cecil Hollifield, Claremont, NC

This is the assembled marker carrier with wedges.


Standard VA Military Marker Carrier

Bill of Materials

PART 1 - 2-carrying handles  2" X 4"  X 55" (both ends rounded)

PART 2 - 2-top and bottom braces - 1" X 2"  X 16" (from 2" X 4")

PART 3 - 2- top and bottom brace supports  3/4" X 1" X 19"

PART 4 - 2- marker enclosures  2" X 4" X 13 5/8"

PART 5 - 2- wedges 5" X 1" X  1" (drill hole as shown for storage)

PART 6 - 20- #10 X 1 3/4" wood screws (Phillips head or 1/8" square slot)

PART 7 - 2- 6d finish nails (not shown) Assemble as shown for wedge storage.
              Secure wedges with rubber band.

Hardware required: carpenters hammer, Screw driver (manual or power),

Usage: Lower carrier over marker to a depth that makes carrying the marker comfortable. While marker is at selected height, hammer wedges in front of and at one side of the marker to secure it, allowing it to be carried. When ready, carry marker to previously dug hole and lower marker into place. Downward force will dislodge wedges. Voila!

Assembled carrier showing parts used


Brace and brace support

Wood screws #10 X 1 3/4"



Rounded carrying handle

Simple storage for wedges



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