A Dedication and Memorial Ceremony
in Remembrance of the Drum Soldiers

Dedication ceremony honoring the Drum soldiers

Dedication Ceremony
Pisgah Methodist Church Cemetery
Sunday 28 September 2008, 3:00pm

This memorial ceremony was a meaningful dedication held in honor of four Confederate soldiers who gave their lives for their country. Reenactors, Drum/Wilkinson Reunion attendees and those who chose to remember Southern history were deeply touched by the remembrance held at Pisgah United Methodis Church in the Balls Creek community of Catawba County.

Drum/Wilkinson descendants remember grandparents of the soldiers being honored.

Memorial marker of Johann and Mary Drum, grandparents of the soldiers we honor.


Camp Commander, John Brinkley, speaks to ceremony attendees.

Preparations being made to start the memorial ceremony.


Jim Drum, Pres. of the Reunion gives opening remarks and history of soldiers being honored.

Gary Winebarger, Adjutant and Cdr. John Brinkley provide background of Soldier memorial dedications.


Color guard and widows prepare for dedication.


Capt. Randy Deal escorts widow to the grave site.


Carrying a black rose, the "widow" ...

... prepares to lay it on grave.


Color guard fires three gun salute.


The final salute to four Southern heroes!


The four soldiers in whose memory this ceremony is dedicated.

The C.F. Connor Camp wishes to thank the reenactors without
whom this dedication ceremony would not have taken place:

Robbie S. Beam, Commander, Burke Tigers, Camp 2162, SCV
Elgie McGalliard, Adjutant, Burke Tigers, Camp 2162, SCV
Randy Deal, Quartermaster, Burke Tigers, Camp 2162, SCV
Jimmy Pritchard, Burke Tigers, Camp 2162, SCV
Scotty Shook, Cavalry Major, CF Connor, Camp 849, SCV

The widows, portrayed by:
Tracy Pritchard
Sherrie Deal
Krissie Pritchard
Virginia Price

The cemetery at Pisgah United Methodist Church contains the remains of many other Confederate soldiers who spilled their blood for their country. Please visit the Pisgah Methodist Church Cemetery page.

Many brave soldiers of the Confederacy have been ignored, in spite of their ultimate sacrifice. Most memorials to them are necessarily of a private nature due to the political shroud that sullies the memory of these brave Confederate soldiers because of 21st century "political correctness.".

On behalf of the descendants of the bravest of the brave, we make no excuses for their uncommon valor and how they fought to protect their homeland. Time and politics may fade but the truth of heroism will never die. Of those who marched off to war, a full one-third never returned home.

We seek to help those who wish to memorialize their Confederate ancestors.
We, like they, have not forgotten these brave men and will be there to remember them.

--C.F. Connor Camp 849, Sons of Confederate Veterans
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